Reclaim Refrigerants

Refrigerant reclamation is going to play a critical role in the HCFC phaseout. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in 2010 the demand for R-22 will be greater than the amount that can be newly produced. What this means for the industry is that in order to have an adequate supply of HCFC refrigerant for servicing equipment, emphasis needs to be placed on recovering and recycling or reclaiming used HCFC refrigerants.

While on-site recycling is an effective means of servicing an equipment owner’s system, when refrigerant is recovered from equipment being retired, it is an excellent opportunity to have the used refrigerant reclaimed.

Reclamation is also required when used refrigerants will be charged into equipment other than the equipment it was removed from, or into equipment owned by a different company.

Reclamation is a process that occurs at a facility that use processes, which may include filtering, separation, distillation, dilution, or reformulation of the recovered refrigerant, to restore it to an EPA required purity level that must meet AHRI Standard 700 purity specifications.

Today reclaiming refrigerantis is easier than ever. In the United States, there are about 50 EPA-certified reclaimers and many of them are rapidly expanding their programs in more areas of the country.