Refrigerant Compliance Manager

To ensure compliance with EPA's refrigerant regulations, the first step for any facility is to appoint an individual who will have the responsibility and authority to create a refrigerant management plan and to oversee its successful implementation. Providing this individual with the authority and budget to effect change and to coordinate the plan across all company functions and departments is essential. Your refrigerant compliance manager also should have a good understanding of your facility's current HVACR operations, industry standards and related regulations.

Principal duties for this position should include:
  • Coordinate refrigerant purchases and maintain inventory of use records;
  • Gather and disseminate information on refrigerant technology, codes, and regulations;
  • Develop and apply administrative controls;
  • Develop and implement a refrigerant policy;
  • Perform a systems assessment and evaluate alternatives;
  • Plan for future refrigerant and equipment needs;
  • Develop a refrigerant management plan schedule;
  • Ensure regulatory compliance;
  • Participate in budgeting processes;
  • Ensure safe handling of refrigerants by all personnel; and
  • Minimize risks associated with refrigerant handling.

The manager's authority should encompass procurement of equipment and services to comply with regulations; technician training; refrigerant transportation and disposal; safety equipment; and management of refrigeration equipment retrofit or replacement.