Refrigerant Disposal

In some cases recycling or reclaiming a refrigerant is not an option because it is so badly contaminated and it is not feasible to recycle it or reclaim it to meet industry purity standards. Many EPA-certified reclaimers also destroy refrigerants according to federal regulation.

Disposal Requirements for Contractors/Technicians
  • You must have EPA Section 608 certification to recover HCFC refrigerants from refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.
  • You must let the appropriate EPA Regional Office know that you have acquired (built, bought, or leased) refrigerant recovery or recycling equipment and that it is in compliance with the applicable requirements of this rule. The owner of the equipment or another responsible officer must complete and sign EPA’s Refrigerant Recovery or Recycling Device Acquisition Certification form and send it to their EPA Regional Office.
  • Although owners of recycling and recovery equipment are required to list the number of trucks based at their shops, they do not need to have a piece of recycling or recovery equipment for every truck. Owners do not have to send in a new form each time they add recycling or recovery equipment to their inventory.
  •  Recovered refrigerant must be sent to an EPA-approved refrigerant reclaimer to be reclaimed or destroyed.