Retrofit Blends

With an expected shortfall of R-22 needed to service equipment from as early as 2009, many HVACR contractors and equipment owners are trying to better understand alternatives available to them. The good news is that alternatives have been developed, but to use them often requires retrofitting an existing system.

To help you select the appropriate  alternative refrigerant for the application, provides the following guidance:

Acceptable Alternatives

First, it is important to know that EPA maintains a list of acceptable and unacceptable substitutes for specific refrigeration and air conditioning end-uses.

There are numerous acceptable alternatives to R-22 that do not deplete the ozone layer. For more information on substitutes visit

Choosing the Right Blend for the Application

Unfortunately, there is no true drop-in replacement for existing R-22 systems that doesn't require some modification of the system components. Many factors impact your selection of the proper blend. You need to understand how evaporator temperatures, design capacity, run time and size of the equipment affect what is the right blend to choose for the application. recommends you consult the original equipment manufacturer and/or component manufacturer for input on the options and best choices of R-22 retrofit refrigerants.